Yes, you can become the mom you're meant to be

No matter what you have been through, if you feel the calling in your heart, then being a mom is meant for you.

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How to be Heard and Understood By Your Partner: 3 Tips for TTC Couples

How to be Heard and Understood by Your Partner: 3 Tips for TTC Couples

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My Story

Kathryn Bregman is a certified Miracle Minded Master Coach. She is the only fertility coach in the world (yep, the world) who has trained extensively under Marianne Williamson. 

Kathryn struggled for years to conceive and was diagnosed with numerous obstacles including elevated NK cells, endometriosis, "kinky" fallopian tubes, thyroid condition and "old" eggs.  After one miscarriage and two failed egg retrievals, Kathryn took a new approach.  She began leveraging her mind for good rather than letting it run wild with fear. That one shift led to a cascade of changes that resulted in her miracle baby girl, naturally conceived, at 40. 

Today Kathryn is passionate about making sure every woman who struggles to conceive learns the tools she learned. Medical research and personal experience both confirm that using them can be a game changer for conception.  

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Praise and Testimonials

In shifting my mindset and letting go of the outcome of when/how this would happen, I soon conceived. I am so grateful to Kathryn who is an infinite well of inspiration, encouragement and compassion. 

Amy, FL

Coaching with Kathryn helped me to let go of some fears and to see great opportunities. I was finally able to make some choices that turned out to be some of the best decisions.  

Regan, NY

Our miracle baby has arrived!!! We think about you all the time and are so grateful to know you. Working with you changed everything. 

Leigh, CT

I have referred clients (and friends) to Kathryn many of whom still thank me years later. 

Meaghan, MD

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