A Foolproof Way to Navigate Conflicting Advice When You’re TTC

Are you looking for a foolproof way to navigate conflicting advice when you’re TTC? Have you ever found yourself receiving contradictory advice from your doctor? Have you been told something like: you are prematurely aging and need to conceive quickly BUT you have to wait before you can try again?

Did it make you feel helpless, angry or out of control?

Then today’s podcast is for YOU

I’ll provide you with two key principles from my badass fertility coaching program that at first seem contradictory. But together we break them down and discover how they actually go hand in hand. When you apply my two principles to your life you will reduce stress and anxiety, increase your joy and improve your odds of becoming pregnant.

Contradictory advice doesn’t have to throw you for a loop. Learning tools to navigate it will create calm and confidence and that will help you bring in your baby faster and with way less stress.

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