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The Badass Fertility Program (BFP)

The BFP is unlike any other experience...

Here's what I won't do:

  • I'm not going to give you a list of things you can and can't eat. 
  • I not going to give you a list of things you can and can't do.
  •  I'm not going to tell you to think positive, just relax and meditate.

I'm going to help you remove mental and emotional blocks that are preventing you from becoming a mom.

We share information, ask questions and get to the bottom of your blocks.

It's simple, straight forward and totally transformative. 

Through that process you rebuild your belief that you'll become a mom no matter what obstacles stand in your way.

You become resilient.

You become decisive.

You become energized in body and mind.

You'll be ready to tackle whatever infertility throws your way. 

You'll be prepared for success on this journey no matter the odds against you.

You'll know that the calling to be a mom is meant for you, and you're on the right path to your baby.

I say this with love because I know from personal experience and the experience of other women in the BFP: without this transformation, you'll keep spinning your wheels indefinitely. You'll likely waste more time and money, but worst of all, you'll sink deeper into hopelessness, guilt, shame and despair

You deserve to stop living like it's never going to work.

You deserve to live like you believe in your dream and it's going to happen, no matter what. 

Because living that way is the BEST recipe for SUCCESS. 


It's time to stop drowning in decision making hell.

You will see clearly what you want and don't want to do, who you do and don't want to work with, etc. And you'll have the CONFIDENCE  to make your choose and stick to it. 

It's time to stop living in fear, trying to "fix" everything all the time

You will sleep better, stop your Google addiction, and create boundaries with friends, family and practitioners that align with what works for YOU. This will make you less anxious, and (believe it or not) sometimes you'll even feel satisfied

It's time to stop making decisions based on what you might "lose." 

You will not always worry about running out of time.  All of the pressure and stress built up around needing it to happen, like yesterday will dissolve. It'll be replaced by trust that things are working out on time, no matter when that it is. 

It's time to step off the exhausting "to do" roller coaster without giving up on your dream.

You'll stop pushing your body so hard. Instead, you'll get good at listening to what it needs.  You'll respond to its needs generously, happily, treating it like a gift instead of a failure, burden or liability.

Join the BFP Waitlist

Receive up to $500 in discounts and bonuses plus early bird enrollment.

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The Badass Fertility Program (BFP) is an intimate group coaching program that provides the support and strategy you need to detox your mind, destress your life and design your path to your baby. 

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In shifting my mindset and letting go of the outcome of when/how this would happen, I soon conceived. This is my first pregnancy after loss and I have struggled mentally and emotionally at times. I am so grateful to Kathryn who is an infinite well of inspiration, encouragement and compassion. She lovingly holds a strong but tender space for her clients and makes you feel safe, seen and supported.

Amy, FL

Penny, VA

After 6 failed IUIs we started working with you. We are 5.5 months pregnant now and this morning I felt so much gratitude for you. We have certainly had our ups and downs getting to this place. But you taught me what it means to get in the right mindset, and honestly, that is what made the difference. Get the word out, because getting pregnant is about learning how to LIVE your LIFE!

We cannot thank you enough for being so warm, loving and supportive. Everything changed once we started working with you.

Lorna, VA.

"I am incredibly grateful to Kathryn for her love and guidance during this extremely painful and exhausting experience with being “fertility challenged”. It has meant so much to have an ally like Kathryn as someone who deeply understands the pain of this epic isolating journey. I was once afraid that my chances of having a baby were slim after 40 but now I know that my determination to have a baby is stronger than my “chances” because I am MEANT to be a mother!

Join the BFP Waitlist 

Receive up to $500 in discounts and bonuses plus early bird enrollment.