The Badass Fertility Program:

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Your heart is hurting. Your mind is racing. Your body is exhausted.

...Maybe it's time to try something different?


Prior to conceiving my Rainbow Baby, Kathryn told me a sentence that changed everything for me. She said that "I am meant to be a mom." I really started to embrace, believe and embody that. In shifting my mindset and letting go of the outcome of when/how this would happen, I soon conceived

Amy - FL

"We are 5.5 months pregnant now and this morning I felt such gratitude for your help in getting to this place"

Penny- VA

The Badass Fertility Program

You're doing all the things to get pregnant. You're treating your body like royalty..., but let me ask you one thing: How are you treating your mind?

If you're anything like I was, you've been doing your best to have the cleanest lifestyle you can muster, but your mind may look like a toxic waste dump.  Am I close?

This is totally normal. But that doesn't mean you have to accept it.  In fact, when I changed how I was treating my mind, everything else changed with it, and I got pregnant in months.  Despite struggling for years to conceive, being told to use donor eggs, enduring miscarriage and failed IVF.

This isn't woo-woo stuff.

The mind/body link to conception is science backed.

 And on a practical level consider this: when you think differently, you act differently. Different actions lead to different results. 

I've seen this approach change the lives of women in my program leading them to their babies, and I'm certain it can change yours, too. 

Believe in yourself and your chances of becoming a mom. 

The more time you spend trying to get pregnant or carry to term the harder it becomes to believe it will happen. You'll learn mindset tools that build authentic confidence so you can trust that you will become a mom at the right time, in the right way. When you don't believe in yourself, life is much harder and you make decisions from fear, which usually doesn't work out. When you believe in yourself, you live from a place of confidence and make decisions that serve you.  

Interrupt the negative loop playing in your head and get your mind working for you, not against you. 

Your mind can be your greatest asset or your greatest liability.  Learn how to leverage its power and use it to help you bring your baby home. You'll learn science backed mind/body alignment tools proven to increase pregnancy rates by 50%. 

Reduce the overwhelm and become clear about your next steps.

Just because it's good for "fertility" doesn't mean you need to do it.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to hone in on what's right for you and ignore the rest? When you're in the right state of mind, this is finally possible. You'll become clear about what options make sense to you and for you and you'll stop feeling guilty for not doing everything. 

Stop feeling isolated and find your tribe of badass women who get it. 

Surround yourself with women just like you, women who are determined to beat the odds.  Learn from their questions. Relate to their experiences. Feel connected instead of alone. Have you ever sat in the fertility clinic and wanted to connect with other patients but also felt totally awkward because it's really not the right setting? Now's your chance to meet women who get it and want to connect with you, too.

What You'll Receive

7 Recorded Workshops with Q & A

The BFP is intentionally laid out in a systematic way to foster mind-body alignment and cognitive rewiring to optimize both your life and your odds becoming pregnant.  In Module 1 we look at the science of the BFP and get clear on your goals for the program.  In Module 2 we look at the negative loop playing in your brain and learn new ways of thinking that lead to new actions and better results.  Module 3 looks at the role of relationships in your journey. Module 4 we connect with our feminine power. Module 5 we dive into proven relaxation techniques to increase the odds of conception.  Module 6 we learn how to choose to have faith over fear and what that looks like for each of us. Module 7 we put it all together and find simple ways to integrate what works for each of us into our own life.  

1 Practice set (7 total) for  each workshop 

Learning is essential, but action is where the REAL change happens! Each module offers practice materials that'll take you deeper into the topic and see how it applies to your own life.  The format of the practice materials varies from journal prompts, to questions for reflection, to meditations, to action plans. You can complete them at your discretion and in your own time.

Bi - Monthly Small group coaching sessions 

This is where we get to come together, share our experiences, learn from each other, cry, laugh and feel wayyyy better. These sessions are really special because they have a dual purpose. First, they provide you an opportunity to ask me anything related to a specific problem, question or concern that's weighing on you. Second they also give you a chance to learn more about what's on the minds of the other women in the program and hear the coaching they receive, as well.  Listening to other's sharing their problems and being coached is really impactful.   So, you'll have an opportunity to get direct connection with me on any issue of your choosing, but you'll also get to hear what other people are going through, which can be equally as powerful.


 This is one of the most valuable aspects of the program.  Unlike other online forums, in our chat you'll find women who are determined to become the mom they're meant to be.  We share our pain, but equally important, we uplift each other, inspire each other and inform each other. And it's all moderated by an expert facilitator (me!). If you have an appointment you're nervous about, want tips from people who've been there, or want to celebrate a success only we will truly understand, you've got a group of women you can contact day or night. We'll support each other in between live sessions because we're more powerful when we share our pain and have people to lean on and celebrate with! 


Sometimes you need a little more in-depth feedback or support than you can get from the group. You might have a question you only want to share with your coach, or you need someone with not just experience but also expertise to help you through something.  That's why you have private access to DM me one question per day (7 questions a week). I will respond to you with text or a voice note. Think of this ass coaching on tap. There's no time commitment on your end, but the second you need it, I'm a DM away.


This portal is packed with resources ranging from workshops to meditations, to IVF cheat sheets, to a life changing morning routine. AND So. Much. More.  It's also the place where you'll go to watch  all the video modules, download your practice sets or join the live support group.    Plus, you'll have access to it from the moment you sign up, so you don't have to wait until the course officially begins in order to start making the most of the program.

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