From Burnt Out to Badass

You could keep riding the TTC roller-coaster. Or you could calm the chaos in your brain and become your own mental health superhero (without adding 5,976 things to your to-do list) by hacking your mind.


Wednesday May 8th 12:30 pm EST

New York, May 8th @12:30 pm 

Los Angeles, May 8th @ 9:30 am 

London, May 8th @ 5:30 pm

Meet Your Host

Kathryn Bregman is one of the leading authorities on emotional wellness for infertility and loss. She is the only fertility coach in the world trained by Marianne Williamson.  

As a researcher with two advanced degrees and a master fertility coach, Kathryn uses her unique skill set to create innovative brain-based programs that help women trying to conceive rediscover their spark, strengthen resilience and build a toolkit that supports the shift from conception chaos to conception clarity on their path to motherhood.

                                                                     I hope you can join me live!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch this class anonymously?

Yes! This webinar will be hosted on Zoom. If you want to turn your camera off, you may. 

Will there be a replay?

Yes, there will be a replay of the webinar available for a limited time after the live session.  While attending live is ideal because you get to ask questions and interact if you want to, I understand it's not always possible, and I still want you to get the information and the experience. 

Are you trying to sell me something?

In this masterclass you'll learn the 3 R's that shift you out of chaos in your brain and into clarity that helps you navigate the journey to your baby while saving you time and money. I want to share this information, for free, with anyone who cares enough to tune in and learn.  At the end of the hour, I'll share with attendees ways they can work with me, and I'll offer deep discounts plus an exclusive bonus to anyone who attends live.

How much time will this take? Are you going to ask me to change my life? I can't handle that right now. 

I totally get it.  The last thing you want when you're stressed out, overwhelmed and stressed about time and money is add another thing to your plate. I feel you.  That's why this is a free offering because I want it to be accessible to everyone.  Applying what you learn will not take time; it will give you back time because you won't be spinning in chaos or information overload and you'll gain clarity to make good decisions with ease.  That will also save you money. 

I'm seeing a therapist. Is this a waste of my time?

Therapy and coaching are not the same thing.  They have different methods and goals.  Therapy is about looking at the past in order to understand where you are today.  Coaching is about looking toward the future and mapping your way there.  Both are incredibly valuable on the fertility journey, but they do different things. 

I just want to get pregnant. Is this going to help me get pregnant?

The short answer is YES! Here's why: research shows that women who participate in mind/body programs, like this one, increase their odds of conception by 50%.  Plus, women who participate in support groups when TTC also increase conception rates by 50%.  Will a one hour webinar do all that? Probably not. BUT, it WILL give you tools you can use afterwards and that will put you on a path that leads you to your baby.  (BTW:The studies I'm citing were done by the Domar Center which is part of Harvard Medical School.) 

Have women in your program gotten pregnant?

YES! 1/3 of the women in the Winter BFP cohort are currently pregnant (and it just ended few weeks ago (in March)!) And one of them is 43 years old, and she's been trying to conceive for 6 years. Follow me on Instagram @BadassFertility and you'll hear me talk a lot about the women who have successfully completed this program and gone on to have healthy pregnancies and babies.