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Rewire Your Thoughts and Optimize Fertility?

Mind/body techniques to reduce stress have been shown to double your odds of success.

 This booklet teaches you three simple, easy exercises that'll shift negative thinking and help you get pregnant.

Whether you're using IVF, IUI or trying naturally, the techniques in this    e-booklet can help double your odds of getting pregnant.


What My Ladies Are Saying

She's finally here!!! THANK YOU.  You showed me how to take back my life, grow stronger and finally become a mom after going through so much. Everything changed the day I met you. 

Leigh - CT

Prior to conceiving my rainbow baby, Kathryn helped me shift my mindset, let go of the outcome and the timeline, and I soon conceived. Kathryn is an infinite well of inspiration, encouragement and compassion. 

Amy - FL

The Benefits You'll Receive from The Booklet

Struggling to conceive has been shown to be as stressful as dealing with a diagnosis of cancer, heart disease or HIV. It's as stressful as dealing with a life threatening illness.

...Let that sink in.  

You are not crazy or weak or "off" in any way for recognizing the tough feelings coming up right now. They are REAL.

So if struggling to conceive is THAT stressful, and stress is bad for fertility, what's a woman to do?

I have the solution for you, and it starts with downloading this booklet.  

Regain your sense of confidence and control.

If your mind is constantly running with "what-if's" or worst case scenarios, then these exercises will help you feel more centered and at ease. 

Alleviate stress in your body

If you're constantly holding tension in your body then this will help you release it and catch your breath. 

Slow down the constant rushing

If you have a to-do list ten miles long and it never seems to get shorter, this resource will help you prioritize and feel less frantic. 

Alleviate social stress

Dealing with pregnancy announcements or friends and family who just don't get it is isolating. Learn tools to reduce the triggers and take care of yourself. 

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Rewire Your Thoughts to Optimize Fertility

Hellooo, I'm Kathryn

Miracle mama to a healthy baby girl I had naturally, at 40, after years of struggle, miscarriage and failed IVF. 

The turning point on my journey was when I stopped seeing fertility as isolated to my body and began to understand it as an extension of my mental, emotional and physical well being.

What's interesting is that this is not woo-woo stuff. If you're up on the latest research in mind/body healing (anyone, besides me?), then you know that science is uncovering more knowledge about this all the time.

My badass women want to beat the odds and leave no stone unturned in their fertility journey, that's why they work on their mind/body connection, and don't just focus on one thing. 

Growth happens when you become willing to see the same things differently, adjust your actions accordingly, and watch transformative results unfold.

So, take one action today -even if it's just downloading the workbook. 

I've helped women who've been struggling for years to become moms. I can help you too. 

With love,


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