If You’re Feeling Lost While TTC, Do This One Thing

There is so much to DO when you are TTC, so much to keep track of and so, SO much to worry about. How do you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed especially knowing that stress is also unhelpful? Many of the women in my program are smart, accomplished go-getters. They are brilliant, badass, and used to getting shit done. So, when the TTC journey doesn’t play out like they expect, it’s not only heartbreaking it’s also completely bewildering. What is so different about this journey than all of the other things you’ve succeeded in at life? Today’s episode will answer that question. It dives into a little-known aspect of yourself that is hugely powerful but generally ignored by most people. When you learn how to tap in and leverage it, it is a game changer on your journey. For a copy of the practice I explain in the podcast DM me “Podcast Practice” on Instagram (@badassfertility) and I will send it right over.