Are You Relying Too Much on “Experts”?

A diagnosis of infertility can leave you feeling like you are broken and need to be fixed.

It can drive a knife through your deepest dream and leave you terrified it’ll never happen.

That’s why it is so tempting to do what the “experts” say, even when what they say doesn’t feel right inside.

Most of us were raised to believe that when you are sick, you go to the doctor and they fix you.

So, it’s natural to conclude that if infertility is a medical condition, then the doctor should be able to fix it.

But, sadly, infertility is way more complex than that.

For many, many women it requires a more holistic and self-reflective approach.

Seen in the right light, this is a GOOD thing because it means that YOU are capable of discovering what you need to do to become the mom you are meant to be.

You are the BEST leader of your own bump squad and today’s episode is going to explain why that is true and get you excited for the empowering process you can choose to follow to become the mom you are meant to be.

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