3 Surprising Habits that Block Fertility

      STOP doing these things even if you're over 35, doing IVF or had failed cycles                   


to feel good without giving up.

Step off the Exhausting Rollercoaster of "Do More" Without Sacrificing Your Dream of Being a Mom

It's no secret that if you're worried about your fertility, you've probably addressed your physical health.

But what happens when trying to "fix" your body turns your mind into a toxic wasteland?

What happens when everything you're doing becomes so overwhelming that you can barely function, but you feel like you have to keep going so you don't run out of time?

HOW do you stop feeling so exhausted without sacrificing your dream of becoming a mom?


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Break these 3 Habits So You Can...


If you feel like you have zero control over your thoughts, feelings and reactions, this will help you learn how to handle the negative thought spiral.   


Does it seem like your 'to-do' list just keeps growing no matter how much you check off? This will help you get out of survival mode and slay your day -with a little more class. 


Feeling confused, overwhelmed and unheard by the "experts?" This helps ensure that the person most invested in this outcome (you) are in the driver's seat when it comes to your care.


It's no secret that struggling to have a baby can wreak havoc on a relationship. This will help you bring back the spark and reconnect with your partner again. 


When your mind is running with fear and anxiety it impacts your stress levels. Learn to manage your thoughts so that you can physically relax and allow your body to return to center. 


Feeling lost on what "miracle" protocol or drug to try next? Treating Dr. Google like an addiction? This will help you step back from the overload and calmly clarify your next steps. 

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Hi there, 

I'm Kathryn, 

Fertility Coach, Miracle Minded Master Coach (mentored by Marianne Williamson) and mom to my miracle girl (naturally conceived at 40) who's the result of a long battle with infertility (yup, the badass woman always wins).

As a recovering Type-A perfectionist I thought if I worked hard enough and sacrificed long enough, I'd become a mom.

But my struggle to conceive would've taken way more years if I hadn't realized that pushing through wasn't the way to my baby.

I knew deep down that my approach was costing me big time; it didn't matter how clean my lifestyle was if my mind was a toxic waste dump I was getting in my own way.

So, I've made it my mission to help women like you by creating a streamlined approach that gets you closer to your baby. 

I offer direct, clear cut tools that help you handle the bumps in the road without spiraling out of control. 

I won't tell you to just "look on the bright side" or "relax and it'll happen" because I know how dismissive and infuriating that is. 

Nor will I tell you that you have to totally change your life, start dancing naked under the moonlight, or give up the things you love if you want to have a baby.

But I will tell you the truth. No filter

And the truth is that if you want to change your outcome, you have to be willing to take action. 

I've helped women all over the world transform their mindset and regain their sanity during infertility, and I can help you too. 

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I finally have hope. I stopped believing in myself and my chances, but now I believe again.  


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3 Surprising Habits  that Block Fertility

The truth is that breaking these habits isn't a quick fix to your baby.

I know you know that.

But in the interest of time, download this E-Book so you can: STOP SPIRALING + CATCH YOUR BREATH + REDIRECT WITH CLARITY

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