Rewire Your Thoughts to Optimize Fertility:

The Workshop

Hooray! You are here and ready to download this epic 45 minute workshop packed with some of my best kept secrets to optimize fertility. 


Success Stories

Working with Kathryn changed everything. After three years of struggle, and failed IVF, I have finally had my miracle girl NATURALLY at 39. 

Leigh - CT

This is my first pregnancy after loss and I have struggled mentally and emotionally at times. I am so grateful to Kathryn who is an infinite well of inspiration, encouragement and compassion. She lovingly holds a strong but tender space for her clients and makes you feel safe, seen and supported.

Amy - FL

Rewire Your Thoughts, Optimize Your Fertility

If you are spending thousands of dollars on fertility treatments and not getting anywhere, then you have got to take a look at what's going on inside your beautiful brain. Rewiring your thoughts can change your results. This workshop dives into the science behind why that's true and how you can apply it TODAY. 

Overview of the science behind mind/body programs

Are you skeptical that working on your mind will help you get pregnant? Check out some amazing research into how the brain can support the body to do incredible things. 

Identify thought patterns that are making this even harder

Do you have a tape of negative nellies running through your head, like 24/7? Identifying those thoughts is the first step to disconnecting them. 

Re-wire the thought patterns to optimize fertility

Once you see the pattern of thoughts that bring you down and amplify stress, you have the amazing opportunity to choose differently. 

Learn simple practice tools to optimize fertility in a few minutes a day .

Bring the brain and body together through a simple breathing technique you can use anywhere to instantly reduce physical and emotional tension.  

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Rewire Your Thoughts to Optimize Fertility

The Workshop