You'll know exactly what to say when people bring up having kids.

Struggling to conceive is one of the most grueling experiences many women go through in their entire lives.

Yup. It's that hard.

And yet, everyone from your colleague to your in-laws feel like it's nbd to ask you about having kids.  

Or, even worse, to give you advice on it. 

I mean, Wtf??

On top of everything else you have going on, you shouldn't have to worry about how to respond to unsolicited input from anyone.

The simple, direct, and polite response in this document will change your life.

It's a technique used by psychology experts, lawyers in courtrooms, and now YOU. 

My badass ladies use it regularly with amazing success.

I guarantee it'll redirect your conversations instantly. 

No more fumbling around trying to figure out how to answer questions.

No more polite nodding when people make ridiculous suggestions.

No more feeling uneasy because you're waiting for the next bomb to drop. 

You can relax now because the response you've been looking for has arrived.



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Your Foolproof Response to Questions about Kids


Olga, NY

My favorite part of coaching with Kathryn is how open I could be with her. She is so supportive and not judgemental. She is my cheerleader. I can share my emotions and thoughts I haven't shared with anyone.

The biggest fear for me was losing my hope of becoming a Mom. Whenever I saw my fertility doctor, he would tell me facts that weren't great. It was taking my positive attitude and hope away from me. After a few sessions with Kathryn, my mind started shifting towards the positive again. In a few weeks, my levels were much better!! I’ve seen a huge progress in my mind and my body. I'm very hopeful.

Lorna, VA

I am incredibly grateful to Kathryn for her love and guidance during this extremely painful and exhausting experience with being “fertility challenged”. She has helped me redefine my relationship with faith and what it means for me which has been empowering and invigorating. She offered concrete tools to help me tend to myself as a mother waiting for her baby to come at the perfect time. The tools have helped me to sit with, express, and expel feelings and thoughts of hopelessness while also reframing beliefs which support faith rather than fear. It has meant so much to have an ally like Kathryn as someone who deeply understands the pain of this epic isolating journey

Penny, VA

We are 5.5 months pregnant now and this morning I felt so much gratitude for you. We have certainly had our ups and downs getting to this place. But you taught me what it means to get in the right mindset, and honestly, that is what made the difference. Get the word out, because getting pregnant is about learning how to LIVE your LIFE! We cannot thank you enough for being so warm, loving and supportive. Everything changed once we started working with you.

 free download 

Get Immediate Access to the PDF:

Your Foolproof Response to Questions about Kids