Your Foolproof Comeback to Foolish Questions about Having a Baby

What if rather than fearing the barrage of personal questions you may get asked, you could confidently go anywhere this holiday season because you have a foolproof comeback to ALL foolish questions?

Imagine how freeing it would be to no longer be at the mercy of other people's thoughtlessness.

That'd feel pretty fabulous, right?

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Stop Dodging Certain People

You know that relative you're always dodging? Not because you don't love them, but because you just know they're going to ask you something that will make you feel awkward and uncomfortable at best.  

Good news: You don't have to doge them now. In fact, you may even put the whole matter to rest with one polite sentence shared in this PDF.

Go Anywhere 

Certain places feel safe while others make you nervous. It's not because you don't want to be there. It's because when you're there you tend to get trapped in conversations that somehow always lead back to your procreational proclivities. And it sucks. 

Here's the deal, you can't control what people ask you.  And they cannot control how you respond.  That's why this genius comeback can be your superpower to going anywhere without worrying about what kind of conversations might happen.  

Relax and Enjoy Yourself More

Celebrating when there's something really important missing is hard.  It's even harder when everyone keeps asking you about it!

It makes you not want to go out, and if you do then you're on edge because you don't know if an emotional bomb will get dropped on you. And you'll have to act like it's nothing. 

All that changes when you learn this simple, foolproof comeback to foolish questions!

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Get Immediate Access to the PDF: Your Foolproof Comeback to Foolish Questions


Olga, NY

My favorite part of coaching with Kathryn is how open I could be with her. She is so supportive and not judgemental. She is my cheerleader. I can share my emotions and thoughts I haven't shared with anyone.

The biggest fear for me was losing my hope of becoming a Mom. Whenever I saw my fertility doctor, he would tell me facts that weren't great. It was taking my positive attitude and hope away from me. After a few sessions with Kathryn, my mind started shifting towards the positive again. In a few weeks, my levels were much better!! I’ve seen a huge progress in my mind and my body. I'm very hopeful.

Lorna, VA

I am incredibly grateful to Kathryn for her love and guidance during this extremely painful and exhausting experience with being “fertility challenged”. She has helped me redefine my relationship with faith and what it means for me which has been empowering and invigorating. She offered concrete tools to help me tend to myself as a mother waiting for her baby to come at the perfect time. The tools have helped me to sit with, express, and expel feelings and thoughts of hopelessness while also reframing beliefs which support faith rather than fear. It has meant so much to have an ally like Kathryn as someone who deeply understands the pain of this epic isolating journey

Penny, VA

We are 5.5 months pregnant now and this morning I felt so much gratitude for you. We have certainly had our ups and downs getting to this place. But you taught me what it means to get in the right mindset, and honestly, that is what made the difference. Get the word out, because getting pregnant is about learning how to LIVE your LIFE! We cannot thank you enough for being so warm, loving and supportive. Everything changed once we started working with you.

 free download 

Get Immediate Access to the PDF: Your Foolproof Comeback to Foolish Questions