Here’s the Most Important Choice You’ll Make on This Journey

When you’re struggling to have a baby, fear tends to take over.

You become afraid of running out of time.

You become afraid it will never be your turn.

You become afraid of all your friends getting pregnant and moving on while you’re stuck trying and worrying it will always be that way.

You become afraid you did something wrong and are being punished.

FEAR dominates this journey if you let it.

But what if you chose something else instead?

What if someone told you that there are only two states of being and you get to choose which one you want to live in?

Would you want to know how to find that other state?

Would you want to know how to gain clarity, confidence, and stop living in fear and making decisions from fear?

Then tune in to today’s show and you will learn all about how to work this practice in your life.