Stop being perfect and

get pregnant!

You've been doing everything your doctor said, and you're still not conceiving or carrying to term. Your heart is broken. Your head is spinning. Your body is exhausted.       ...Maybe it's time to try something different? 

If you feel it in your heart...

you are meant to be a mom.

If you've been trying for awhile, doing ALL the "things" I've got news for you: No matter what you've been through, getting pregnant is possible.

If it's taking you longer than you expected to be expecting then...

Chances are you feel like You're drowning in a sea of "What -if's"

 You're navigating a totally new world you never imagined you'd find yourself in.  You feel tremendous pressure to do it "right" and fast.  So now you're feeling anxious, paralyzed, and maybe even a little hopeless. You're losing sleep and missing out on life, time seems to slip through your fingers and still... no baby. 

That voice inside your head keeps getting louder:
"What's wrong with me?"

Each month you start dreading the things you used to love: hanging with friends, getting drinks with colleagues, spending time with family.  All of it carries so. much. baggage.  There's the weight of a potential bomb being dropped: "are you thinking about having kids?" Or the inevitable guilt that comes with eating or drinking things you "shouldn't" But then avoiding things you love makes you feel deprived, angry at your body and resentful of people who get pregnant without sacrifice. 


The degrees, the partner, the job, the car..., even the super cute puppy! You did it by strategizing, planning, calculating and executing all combined with hard work and commitment.  

You've always gone after your dreams, and when you worked hard it happened.

So now you're totally perplexed and constantly asking


Consider this:

The way you went about being successful in the past was perfect for that time... 

But, pregnancy operates by a different set of rules.

You can set as many GOALS as you like, it's just always going to take longer than you think. 
Throughout your life, you've set goals, made a to-do list and then just achieved them. Yet now, you've got just ONE goal and to-do lists upon to-do lists and you can't achieve it.

Our cycles are a moving target which makes TIMELINES impossible to stick to
Normally, you set a deadline for something, then organize your life and priorities to meet it. 
But now, no matter how much you re-arrange or postpone things, you cannot predict or control when anything is actually going to happen. 
No matter how hard you try, PERFECTION just does not equal pregnancy 
In SO many areas the harder you work and push yourself to the finish line, the more likely you are to meet your goal.
Going above and beyond usually equals a better outcome. In this case, being perfect has not only not led to a baby, it's made you miserable and defeated. 
DEFERRING to "experts" who "know more than you" doesn't always work like it does in other areas of life. 
If pregnancy was the same as fixing a broken arm, you could follow a set protocol and make it happen. 
But -I've got news for you- pregnancy involves so many unique factors you can't just surrender to "experts"
 You have to be an active participant. 

You Were Not Prepared For This

Nobody warned you that getting pregnant might become the biggest struggle of your life. Nobody encouraged you to save for IVF like you saved for your wedding or your home. Nobody told you that when you did struggle to get pregnant, there wouldn't be just ONE solution or best practice that would definitely solve it.

You probably never even considered having kids wasn't a given.  When you chose your partner (if you chose one), you didn't ask yourself "how will we handle infertility?" You asked yourself if they'd be a good parent.

Meanwhile, you look around and your friends are getting pregnant after a few months of trying.  They're telling you things like "don't worry, it'll happen" or "Maybe just take some vitamin D" or "Go on vacation"

All of this makes you want to cry or scream or lock yourself in a room and not come out until you're pregnant.

To make matters worse, now you're

  • Panicking because you're afraid you're running out of time.  
  • Exhausted from the endless impossible list of to-dos.
  • Feeling like a failure and your self-confidence is in the gutter. 
  • Pulling away from family or friends because opening up about your struggle seems to invite unwanted advice or even judgement, and you're sick of it.

Maybe you're having some of these thoughts?

I don't want to get my hopes up too much because it it doesn't work out, I'm afraid I'll be crushed.

I deserve challenges. Things should be hard and not easy.

My chances are really low. My body doesn't work properly. I've got it worse than anyone I know.

If I don't get pregnant on the next cycle, I've wasted my money and I'm a failure.

Maybe I'm being punished. God (or the universe) doesn't want me to have kids.

I'm too old. I waited too long. It's never going to work for me.

Thinking like this is very common and completely understandable

In fact, it's been documented that the stress levels of women diagnosed with infertility are the same as the stress levels of people diagnosed with cancer, heart disease and HIV.  So, you're definitely not alone.

What's equally interesting is the growing evidence that when women heal what's happening in their minds, their stress levels go down and conception rates go up.

This is amazing because it means that the effort you've been putting in to become a mom, doesn't have to work against you.  We can turn it into your superpower that helps you conceive.

The truth is, we've been given a broken set of rules on how to navigate fertility and hardship in our lives. This journey can be an opportunity to change that and then teach your children what you learn, so they have a more effective set of tools. 

Hey there, I'm Kathryn

After trying to conceive for almost two years using timed intercourse, acupuncture, herbs and 20+ vitamins a day, I saw a fertility doctor. The results of my workup included: endometriosis, thyroid condition, pre-diabetic-"old eggs", elevated NK cells, fibroids and "kinky" fallopian tubes. At 37, I was advised to go straight to IVF.

Two failed egg retrievals later, my life was a total mess. I could barely recognize myself.  I was riding a roller coaster of hope, disappointment and grief every month.  I was angry at my period. I became the biggest road rage driver I ever met. I skipped parties, avoided friends, and wanted nothing to do with most things outside my fertility bubble. In short, the joy in my life had been suffocated by my obsession with becoming pregnant.  I lost my confidence. I believed I was a lesser woman. I felt totally excluded from the "mom club" and terrified I'd never join it.

It didn't make sense: I was doing all the things

Every extra vitamin, every acupuncture session carefully scheduled around my treatments, every measured glass of wine, every organic vegetable, every extra shot in my IVF protocol that was "optional" but supposed to help -I did it ALL.

I was treating my body like royalty.  

But at the same time, my mind had become a toxic wasteland left untended.

I'll be honest...

I worked my butt off to get pregnant. But the ONE thing that changed EVERYTHING, the one shift I made that became my silver bullet to success, was learning how to change my thoughts.

Changing my thinking, changed my actions, which changed my results. It's honestly that simple. I'm not saying it's "easy" and I'm not saying that's "all" you have to do. Your doctors and practitioners are there to help with the physical. And that matters. 

But if you're ignoring the mental/emotional side of this journey, you're leaving a major piece of the puzzle unsolved and THAT could waste a sh*t ton of time, not to mention keep you miserable and stuck.

Here are some examples of what I'm saying

On the left column are the things I was "doing" but on the right column you can see how the way I was thinking was holding me back. 


  • I was taking anti-inflammatory supplements
  • I was having tons of sex at the right time with my husband
  • I was meticulously following protocols
  • I was altering my diet and lifestyle choices

Not Helpful

  • I was thinking seriously inflammatory thoughts
  • I wasn't really enjoying sex anymore
  • I was waking up at night wondering if I followed them well enough.
  • I was resentful of the changes I made and had trouble sticking to them. 

So, the things I was doing were potentially being undermined by what I was thinking or feeling.

It was only when I got my mind and body aligned -by changing my thoughts- that I started to do things I NEVER could have done before and then within a few months I got pregnant naturally at 40.

Here are some examples of what I'm saying:

  • I stopped having "white coat syndrome" and started asserting myself more into the process of my treatments
  • I gained the confidence to go against one of my doctor's recommendations, and pursued a procedure that led to my pregnancy the very next cycle.
  • I got excited to change my diet and take on a new exercise routine and felt healthier, more radiant and alive than ever before. 
  • I worked on my pelvic floor and started having some of the best orgasms of my life (orgasms can help with implantation)
  • I learned to trust myself and my instincts as valid forms of information that could help me navigate the winding path to my baby. 
  • I began a morning routine that calmed my inflamed thinking and my road rage got a lot better
  • I believed in my body and worried less about being perfect and became more focused on nurturing myself and acknowledging all that I was doing.

     Within 6 months of making these changes,         I was pregnant. 

My IVF doctor was shocked when it happened. But I wasn't.  I knew that the changes I made in my thinking had led to knew beliefs and new actions, and that was my silver bullet. It can be yours too.

But don't take my word for it, let's look at published medical research...

Studies show mind/body programs increase conception rates and improve quality of life while TTC

Anxiety and depression are high among women given the (somewhat misleading) diagnosis "infertility". In fact, one study showed that the psychological stress levels of women given that label were the same as people diagnosed with cancer, heart disease and HIV.

Let that sink in, a diagnosis of infertility is processed with the same level of stress as people who are processing a life threatening disease. 

(Domar, A. 2000, p. 28)

Mind/Body programs increase conception in as little as 6 months

 42% of women previously unable to conceive became pregnant within 6 months of completing a mind/body program. 

Journal of American Medical Women's Association (1999)

Participation in a Mind/Body program can double your chances of conception. 

54% of participants in a mind/body program became pregnant within a year versus 20% of those who did nothing. 

Journal of Fertility and Sterility (2000)

Mind/Body programs can increase the odds of natural conception (as opposed to ART)

Women who participated in a mind/body program were more likely to conceive naturally (46%) than those who did not (20%)

Health Psychology (2000)

Attending to the emotional experience of women struggling to conceive, reduces stress and improves conception rates. 

Survey of 39 published studies showed that attending to the psychosocial needs of "infertile" women both reduced stress and improved pregnancy rates. 

Boston Medical Journal (2015)

This is  Breakthrough Knowledge!

There is a more joyful and effective way to become a mom

  1. 1
    Imagine if rather than feeling betrayed by your body, there was a way to trust the timing of your baby.
  2. 2
    Imagine if you walked into your doctor's office like you owned the place rather than feeling like a deficient woman needing to be fixed.
  3. 3
    Imagine not feeling guilty every time you drank a glass of wine and instead felt confident it was okay and even enjoyed it! 
  1. 4
    Imagine not feeling overwhelmed by options, and instead feeling confident you were doing the right thing for you and your body. 
  2. 5
    Imagine instead of believing you're being punished, you could be grateful for the lessons this journey is teaching you.
  3. 6
    Imagine if rather than feeling like a failure or ashamed of your struggle, you were tapped into the part of yourself that is a proud badass mama in the making!


The Badass Fertility Program (BFP)

A bespoke 1:1 coaching program founded upon proven mind-body techniques that enhance your life and increase your odds of conception.  

One of a Kind
Coaching Sessions

I'm proud I've studied extensively under one of the most renowned counselors in the world, Marianne Williamson. Every session you have with me is a unique experience unavailable any where else; I'm the only fertility coach in the world with this training. That's right. Just me. 

24/7 Access to Me

Hello, I'm your new best friend. But the one who totally gets it! No more confiding in people who make you feel worse or having to explain yourself to people who really don't understand. When you need to vent or sort out a confusing result or brainstorm your next step. I'll be in your pocket, ready to support.

Practice Makes Pregnant

In between sessions I'll email you personalized practices or tools that take you deeper into what we covered in our session. You'll have a big hand in deciding which and how much practice works for you. No matter what, you'll be a fertility mindset master by the end of 12 weeks. 

Expect to expect

Badass Fertility Program

In the BFP, We Dive Into Things Like

Do you have a negative tape running in your head?

If you're saying things like: "I'm too old" "My eggs are bad" "My body sucks" then your brain is working against your body. Let's fix that shit.

What stress-points, within your control, are you overlooking?

Maybe your doctor makes you feel like it'll never happen, or your mother-in-law is constantly giving unhelpful "advice". Let's find what's bringing you down and figure out ways to make it serve you (or at least not stress you) instead.

When you make a decision, is it rooted in fear or trust?

Fear is the operative variable on this journey, society plants it, the medical industry pedals it, and often the result is you make decision from lack, fear and scarcity rather than abundance and faith. Any decision you make that comes from fear, is not going to ultimately serve you. We can turn that around!

Have you lost connection with yourself?

Stress activates the nervous system making it harder to calm down and get centered. Learn tools that will rebalance your nervous system and bring you back to center. Making it easier to make clear decisions that serve you not deplete you. 

If you surrender are you giving up?

No way! Surrendering means reaching a point where you trust yourself and the process enough to make clear headed choices, avoid self-doubt and live in a state of calm rather than micro-managing and stressing yourself out. It's also THE key to conception for a lot of women. 

What would it feel like to live guilt-free, grounded in your choices, trusting baby to arrive on its timeline?

When you finish the program you will know and embody this way of being.  When you get to this point, your life is more joyful, your mind and body are working together instead of being at odds, and your spirit is calm.  And you will be a magnet for motherhood.    

To access your inner badass and bring home your baby, you'll move through three phases:

Working together across 6 private 1:1 sessions we'll got through three phases. In Phase 1 we will identify unconscious thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. Then we'll practice re-writing them so that they serve you instead.  In Phase Two, you'll learn tools to reconnect with your authentic self. That is the calm space inside of you capable of navigating tough shit with grace and confidence, not fear and self-doubt. In Phase Three, you'll feel an incredible sense of renewal in mind/body/spirit. This is the time to make new choices from a place of abundance. You'll gain direction, confidence and clarity about what you need and you'll go for it with renewed faith and energy like never before.

You'll Receive...

Six 50 minute private coaching sessions with Kathryn. This is your opportunity to unpack what's holding you back with guidance from an expert coach.  

12 weeks of 24/7 access to Kathryn via WhatsApp. Life gets messy in between sessions. You'll have me in you back pocket to vent or share whatever comes up that can help me help you become the mom you're meant to be. 

Six individualized practice sets (mediations, journal prompts etc., tailored to YOU) At the end of each session, we'll decide together what you'll explore before we meet again. It's always going to be something that excites you and feels exactly right. 

Six customized session summaries You will love getting a summary of things you said during our session that were particularly powerful or insightful. I've had clients tell me they read  these daily as a reminder of what they learned or as inspiration. 

Rewire Your Thoughts to Optimize Fertility Workshop and Workbook This masterclass teaches the most important principles for shifting thought patterns that are blocking you from your baby and the workbook contains essential exercises to apply what you learn. 

Badass IVF Cheat Sheets

You don't have to think of everything. You just need to follow the cheat sheets provided for insider tips and check lists on whatever you need from making your egg retrieval more comfortable to navigating the TWW like a badass mama in the making! 

Personalized Meditations

Everyone is unique and needs different guided meditations at different times.  I'll customize and record one for you based on whatever comes up in our sessions that can be supported through meditation. You can also request one on a topic or theme or your choice.

Badass Morning Routine

The absolute BEST 15 minutes you can build into your life. Includes: list of amazing books to jump start your mindset for the day, check list and calendar to  track your progress, instructions on visualizing, guided meditation

Your Investment

Pay in Full


1797 USD

Pay in full and save, plus receive a special surprise bonus from me!



599 USD

Break up the payments to suite your budget.        

Our miracle baby is here!! Idk how we'd have done this without you. After 3 years of struggle and two failed IVF cycles, I still can't believe I got pregnant naturally within months of using what you taught me.  We keep you in our prayers, always. 

Leigh, CT

Prior to conceiving my rainbow baby, Kathryn told me a sentence that changed everything for me. I really started to embrace, believe and embody that I'm meant to be a mom.  In shifting my mindset, I soon conceived.  I am so grateful to Kathryn who is an infinite well of inspiration, encouragement and compassion.  She lovingly holds a strong but tender space for her clients and makes you feel safe, seen and supported. 

Amy, FL

Why coach with Kathryn?

Kathryn is the only fertility coach in the world (yep, the world) who has trained extensively under Marianne Williamson. Through working with Marianne, Kathryn developed a well-established and incredibly effective coaching method she uses to serve women who want to be moms. 

Kathryn is a former doctoral research fellow at the University of Florida and a teacher with two masters degrees.  Kathryn's distinctive combination of professional qualifications and personal experiences, make her uniquely positioned to support you to become a mom.  


This woman has Got.Your.Back. Her only goal is to support you along your chosen path to find your baby. I have referred friends to her who still thank me years later for connecting them.

Meaghan, MD

Coaching with Kathryn helped me to let go of some fears and to see great opportunities that I hadn’t considered. I was finally able to make some choices that turned out to be some of the best decisions.  I am so grateful I had Kathryn to talk to and help me through that murky time.


Regan - NY

Wondering if a mind/body program is actually going to help?

Badass Fertility Favicon

Julie, FL 

I can honestly say that what I've learned through this process is that mindset is everything.  Even before I could comprehend that concept, something changed.  It changed the moment I started talking with Kathryn.  I have only been able to thrive as a person and a woman after two failed rounds of IVF and a second trimester miscarriage because of my new mindset.  Along with my faith, I have Kathryn to thank for this gift.

Penny, VA

We are 5.5 months pregnant now and this morning I felt such gratitude for you (Kathryn). You taught me what it means to get in the right mindset and honestly, that is what made the difference. Get the word out because getting pregnant is about learning how to LIVE your LIFE! We cannot thank you enough for being so warm, loving and supportive. Everything changed once we started working with you.

Olga, NY

Whenever I saw my fertility doctor, he would tell me the facts that weren't great. I felt it was taking my positive attitude and hope away from me.  After a few sessions with Kathryn, my mind started shifting toward the reality I wanted, my dream of becoming a mom. In a few weeks, my levels were much better, I've seen huge progress in my mind and my body. Now, I'm very hopeful.  

My favorite part of coaching with Kathryn is how open I could be with her. She is so supportive and not judgmental. She is my cheerleader. I can share my emotions and thoughts I haven't shared with anyone.

Lily, MA

I've worked with therapists in the past, but working with Kathryn is a whole new experience. We really get into stuff. We don't just talk about my week. We break down what's going on and figure out ways to live better. My last IVF cycle was the best one ever because I was so positive and calm. This is definitely because of Kathryn.  

Expect to expect

Badass Fertility Program

Let's Talk

The pit in the bottom of your stomach when you see families having fun on a Saturday in the park? I've felt it. 

Being unofficially "left out" of the Mom's Club by your people? I've been there.

That sad longing when holidays come and feeling it'll never happen for you? Yup. Me too. 

I may not know your story yet, but I promise you, I know what you're going through.

And, I know that connecting with women who've been there is one of the most powerful vehicles for change on this journey. 

Expect to expect

Badass Fertility Program


Will this help me if I am over 40 and/or have been diagnosed with infertility?

Yes! This is perfect for you. This program is designed to support every woman in her quest for motherhood.  It is premised on the belief that if you feel called to be a mom, then you are meant to be one.  Sometimes it just gets hard to make it happen, and that is where the BFP comes in bringing loads of confidence in yourself, clarity about what you will and won't do, as well as connection to your body, mind and soul, and -Yes, this increases your odds of conception.  

Will this be available in the future?

Not necessarily. This program at this low price will fill up, and when it does, I may or may not offer it again.

How much time will this require?

You get to decide! To fulfill the basics we would meet for six 50 minute 1:1 calls over the course of three months. You can schedule the calls in advance to accommodate your busy life. Some women find planning to attend every other week fits seamlessly into their lives. Additionally, I will offer structured practice exercises to deepen what we covered in our 1:1 in between sessions. We will work together to determine the right exercise and the right amount to time for you. It typically is about 20 mins. to one hour total.  The purpose of the program is to support you in finding the balance that works for you. Each approach is effective for the right person. 

What happens if I become pregnant during the program?

Yippee! First, we celebrate because you are a rockstar!! Then, we get real about the fact that the first trimester of pregnancy tends to be the time when women need the most support, and you will already have a highly qualified coach lined up in your corner. 

This is a lot to invest in myself, how do I know it is worth it?

Given the growing body of research showing that mind/body programs make life better and increase pregnancy rates among women struggling to conceive, this cost is arguably a drop in the bucket. If you are spending tens of thousands of dollars, or trying to avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars, investing in a program that saves you time, money and heartache is the definition of a total no brainer. You will feel better, live better, and will likely conceive faster. 

I'm preparing for an IVF cycle, should I wait until I start?

Absolutely not.  While there is no "best time" to start coaching, if you know that you are going to do IVF, then starting now gives you time to master the mind/body alignment tools that will transform your entire experience for the better.  When you begin IVF you'll have a lot on your plate. Starting now ensures you're prepared later. 

How is coaching different from therapy or counseling?

Therapy and counseling are amazing tools for healing, but they are different from coaching.  Those modalities emphasize examining the past in order to understand how you got to where you are today.  Coaching does not go into the past but focuses on your vision for the future. It asks not who have you been, but who do you want to be and what does it take to get there?

What if I need support after I finish the program?

Fantastic! Many women opt for follow-up sessions that dive deep into the principles learned in the first 12 weeks.  

What if I want more coaching sessions while I am in the 12 week period?

If you finish the 6 sessions in the 12 week period and want more 1:1 before your package expires, you get a membership discount of 1:1 coaching for $185 per session. (The cost for a non member is $285)

I'm also thinking about adopting or fostering children, is this program for me?

Definitely. I have worked with women who became foster moms and chosen to adopt. Some of the women in the BFP are working on conceiving and pursuing adoption. We can't know the what path to motherhood you will take until you're there. The program gives you the tools to navigate it successfully, which means becoming a mom.  

I'm not in the United States, can I still work with you?

Of course! My mission is to serve as many women as possible on their journey to motherhood, no matter where they live.

I work with a small number of new clients monthly. If you think you want to work with me or to learn more about my program, schedule a chat today.