What are Spirit Babies and How Can They Help Fertility?

Doubt. Disbelief. Despair. Defeat.  These are just a few of the words that begin to describe how hard it is to be in the TTC trenches.  But it truly doesn’t have to be that way.  In fact, no matter where you are on your journey: struggling with failed embryo transfers, just starting IVF, seeking donor eggs, going at it the old-fashioned way, it’s possible to live your journey with greater confidence and ease.  On today’s show Nancy Weiss joins us to talk about getting out of your head and connecting with our heart in order to bring your baby home. We talk about the importance of making choices not just from a logical place, but from an internal knowing as well. Nancy tells us about Spirit Babies, what they are and why connecting with them often opens up space for making decisions that help bring your baby home.

Nancy is a Reiki Master, psychic medium and intuitive coach who supports women in reawakening their intuition and spirituality by empowering them with energy, mindset and manifestation techniques so they can experience profound transformation, trust themselves and feel confident in making their dreams a reality.  She’s supported hundreds of women on the fertility journey to connect with their destined babies, release blocks, eliminate energy and bring their babies into the world.

On today’s show Nancy sits down to share with us:

  • How she decided to pursue embryo adoption to manifest her two daughters.
  • How she trusted her gut and “knew it was right” to take the route she took to her daughters.
  • What is a Spirit Baby?
  • How can connecting with your spirit baby help bring them earthside?
  • Why it’s important to release the “how” when you’re TTC.
  • How energy healing can help you feeling your feelings and release blocks to your baby.
  • Why learning to “let it go and let it flow” when you’re doing IVF, IUI, trying naturally, pursuing egg donors, embryo donors, finding a surrogate, or trying to conceive naturally is the best kept secret to bring your baby home.

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